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Hopin Delegate Self Help Desk

With over 700 attendees registered for the conference, tech support resources will be stretched at peak times (especially joining the event and when workshop sessions begin).  Here are some ways to prepare, identify what the problem is and easily sort it out.

The Best Way to Prepare

Run This Event Test

Before you do anything else click this pre event test link here. It will test your browser compatibility, audio and video set up, speaker set up, blockers, and internet speed. It will take 3 minutes of your time and will save you tech frustrations on the day. If the test identifies a problem then see the most common fixes below. 

Use a Desktop

It is always better to access the Hopin conference on a desktop and to use headphones where possible. Phones and ipads may have limited compatibility. You can use the Hopin mobile apps for iphone, android and iPad which you can get here.


Use the Right Browser

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the best browsers See reasons below.

Problems Registering? 

Follow the steps in this guide here.

The Easiest Way to Fix Things


Wrong browser (or old version) 

Hopin works best on Google Chrome. It supports Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge (Chromium version on windows 10 only) too.


Safari is not fully compatible and Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (non chromium) are not compatible.


Please check you are on the latest versions of the recommended browsers and you can easily download Google Chrome here.


Camera and Audio Issues

Please check the preferences to make sure Hopin has permission to use your camera and mic. Instructions here for windows and here for mac. There is more info can be found here.


Refresh browser page

When you are in the conference refreshing your page often sorts issues. Press command + shift+ R on a mac and Control + Shift + R on windows.


Switch it off and back on again

The old favourite. Try leaving and re-joining the event first. If that doesn’t work restart your computer.


Firewall Issue

This is rare, but if your pre-event check highlights this problem please check send this article here to your IT team. It includes the easy steps for them to get you online. This is so difficult to fix on the day. Another reason to run the test now.



I am afraid if your broadband is not good enough to support audio/video there is not a great deal we can do. You might just have to listen in and ask questions in the chat box rather than come on camera.

Other Problems 

There is an excellent Hopin trouble shooting resource here if you have the energy to try and look into other issues.

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