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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

This conference brings together key examples of local net-zero transition projects from across the UK and Europe. The aim is to inspire and encourage replication and innovation, providing local authorities and their key stakeholders with the confidence and tools to holistically plan, design, and deliver net zero projects. We aim to create a space that encourages ambition, generates new ideas, and provides networking opportunities to accelerate net-zero planning and implementation.

· To provide the ambition, knowledge, and experience needed to facilitate net-zero transition at the local level.

· To widen and deepen participants’ existing networks to provide ongoing support, informal mentoring, and constructive discussions.

· To accelerate the transition to net zero.

About the Organisers

About the Organisers


Ashden‘s mission is to accelerate transformative climate solutions and build a more just world. Our awards, events, networks, and analysis support climate innovation in the UK and developing countries around the world.

Climate Emergency UK

Our focus is currently on creating a database, with My Society, of UK Local Authority climate & ecological emergency declarations and action plans to help interested parties quickly identify best practice. We are also bringing together resources local authorities can use to deliver on their commitments, including a Checklist of what makes a good action plan.

Creating a UK wide movement requires strong networks. We support this by holding seminars and conferences that connect people and organisations interested in local authority climate emergency response. We work with Councillors and officers across the political spectrum, as well as individual activists, XR and NGO’s including Friends of the EarthCentre for Alternative TechnologyAshdenMy Society. We liaise closely with Cedamia who started the global ‘climate emergency declaration movement in Australia.

Centre for Alternative Technology

The Centre for Alternative Technology’s Zero Carbon Britain research has shown that a happy, healthy and comfortable net zero future is possible using only existing technology. The Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab is building on this research to support local action on the climate and biodiversity emergency. We help increase the knowledge, confidence and skills of councils, communities and other organisations to act in collaboration, by closely integrating Zero Carbon Britain training and events, a free online resource hub and collaborative multi-stakeholder workshop processes which help identify and overcome barriers to the net zero transition and maximise co-benefits.

Aberdeen Climate Action

Aberdeen Climate Action CIC is a volunteer run organisation that informs and prompts action on climate change and sustainable practices in the North East of Scotland through awareness raising, education, partnerships and support. It facilitates and co-ordinates Climate Week North East, an annual 10 days of events in Aberdeen City and Shire, each March that develops local knowledge and action on climate change. The organisation has a monthly Climate Café, organises one off events, runs information stalls and outreach and provides information on climate change and sustainable living through their websites and social media outlets. It partners with relevant organisations and has recently set up a North East Scotland Climate Action Network. You can find out more about us here.

Why Net Zero?

By Net Zero we mean a balance between carbon emitted into the atmosphere, and carbon drawn from the atmosphere through carbon sinks. Some emissions are inevitable, but reaching net zero requires significant reductions in emissions across all sectors, in tandem with carbon mitigation. Negative emissions can be achieved by stimulating nature to absorb more carbon or by developing carbon capture technologies.

A number of countries, including the UK, have made ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions as part of the Paris agreement, to restrict climate change to 2∘C pre-industrial levels. Climate science has shown climate change will not stop until net emissions cease. The Committee on Climate Changes 2019 Progress Report shows how much more action is required at all levels of government to meet these targets. Reducing emissions is not enough. We need to achieve net zero.

Why Net Zero?

Sponsors & Partners

Paths for All

Paths for All is a charity and the champion for everyday walking in Scotland. Paths for All’s vision is a happier, healthier Scotland where physical activity improves quality of life and wellbeing for all.  This conference is funded by Smarter Choices Smarter Places, which is Paths for All’s programme to increase active and sustainable travel throughout Scotland. The programme is grant-funded by Transport Scotland.

First Bus

First Bus is one of the UK’s largest bus operators. Making journeys easier for our customers, we were the first national bus operator to accept contactless card payments across all of our services and our First Bus App is voted ‘best in class’ amongst UK bus operators.

Our most recent investments are in new, state-of-the-art buses across our key networks. We work proactively with our local authority partners, making a positive impact on air quality, tackling congestion and improving customer experience.

We are focused on First Bus becoming a leader in the transition to a low-carbon future and are committed to operating a zero-emission bus fleet by 2035; we have pledged not to purchase any new diesel buses after December 2022. We also operate the Aircoach network in Ireland. First Bus is a division of FirstGroup, which began in the city of Aberdeen.

Collective for Climate Action

Collective for Climate Action (CfCA) is a self-organised network of public sector employees working throughout the UK to build ambition in government on addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis. 

Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council (ACC) has set out ambitious goals for Aberdeen in the Net Zero City Vision.

The Council’s recently agreed upon Climate Change Plan 2021-2025 aims to show early leadership in transitioning to net zero and improving climate resilience through ACC’s own assets and operations. The plan will extend existing district heating networks and includes new on-site energy systems for new and existing schools, council buildings, and the Gold Standard new council house building programme.

All of these actions provide Aberdeen City Council with the opportunity to become an example in the energy transition movement and align with the work of World Energy Cities Partnership, local and national Government policies, and international agreements.

Sponsors and Partners

How to Hopin


Use the Register button on the Homepage or this link to navigate to the event’s Hopin page. To register for the event,  press the blue ‘Join event‘ button on the event page. If this is your first time using Hopin, you will have to create an account before you can register for the conference. 

Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirmation from Hopin titled ‘You’re in! – From Inspiration to Practice: Delivering Net Zero through Local Government’. Click  ‘Add to calendar‘ to add event details and link to your calendar for easy access on the date.

Networking and Exposition Booths

The Hopin conference page will be live on Tuesday, September 28, for delegates to check their registration, familiarise themselves with the Hopin platform, and visit the Exposition Booths. Conference organisers will be on hand to help with tech support and answer questions. 

The event will remain live until 17.00 on Friday, October 1, for delegates to return to the platform, hold their own sessions, network, and further explore the Exposition Booths.

Guide to Hopin
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