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30th September 2021 · Free Conference

From Inspiration to Practice:
Delivering Net Zero through Local Government

A free virtual conference showcasing innovative, local government-led net-zero projects from throughout the UK and Europe.

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The keynote address, workshops, and panel discussion will demonstrate how local action can help support and drive the transition to net-zero. Attendees will gain practical advice from those behind proven successful net-zero local government projects in the areas of transport, energy, housing, land use, greener economies and waste, community involvement and partnership development, and taking a holistic approach.

Five Essential Questions

We are asking each speaker five essential questions, to guide a practical discussion.
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What’s the best advice you could give to those trying to replicate what you did?

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What was key to securing the widespread buy-in necessary to be successful?

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What are the funding requirements for taking this kind of action and how can they best be met?

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How can local economic and co-benefits (jobs, new businesses, etc) be maximised through replicating this action?

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Do you have any resources which could be shared with others as a template to help them on their way?


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Sponsors & Partners

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